5 Techniques for Managing your Anger

Everyone becomes angry. When we become angry we feel out of control and helpless. These techniques are not meant to eliminate your anger, but rather to put you back in charge of the situation and teach you how to make your anger work for you. You can either try to control your anger or have your anger control you.

Technique #1: Change the color of your anger: Picture your anger as a color (red, purple). When you get angry, picture your anger as a different color (yellow, green) something that is calming to you. By doing this, you can picture feeling different and decrease your anger.

Technique # 2: Take a deep breath and count to ten: Taking a few deep breaths calms you, makes you feel stronger mentally and keeps things in perspective.

Technique #3: Remove yourself from the situation: You can’t control the situation but you can control how you react to the situation. Don’t discuss issues when you’re tires, or if the situation has already made you irritable. Choose a time to discuss the issue when you can talk rationally and comfortably- when you feel in control.

Technique # 4: Take care of you- you are worth it! Make time for you each day to reflect on issues and consider solutions to the problem, strive for balance in life, regular exercise, healthy eating and sleep.

Technique #5: Don’t look back, move forward: Focusing on what happened in the past doesn’t change what happened or encourage change in the future. When you put the lid on past problems, you free up time now to find solutions for current and future problems.

** Don’t react to anger, respond: an important technique to help you manage your anger is to change the way you think and to learn to respond to anger instead of reacting to it**

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