Healthy Mind / Healthy Body

There is a powerful connection between an individual’s mind and body, also known as the mind/body connection. If you feel good physically, you increase your chances to feel good emotionally and vise versa. “We feel emotions in our bodies” wrote Anther Barsly, professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and author of Worried Sick: Our Troubled Quest for Wellness. We have all experienced this concept; examples are when an individual is worried or nervous about starting a new school, job or meeting new people they may experience physical symptoms such as stomach ache, headaches, trouble breathing or an increase in heart rate just to name a few. On the other hand, individuals who have skipped a meal could emotionally feel confused, frustrated or agitated. There are also benefits to the mind/body connection, such as when an individual is emotionally feeling positive, they increase their chances feeling better physically and vise versa. In this quarterly news letter, we provided the physical and emotional benefits of sleep, eating healthy and exercise. We also provide five techniques to manage your anger; these techniques could also help with other negative emotions that individuals may experience. We also have provided a few activities to reduce stress.

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